Radical Kite Center

Radical kite center with 7 years of presence is occupied with kitesurfing & sup (iko) as well as with the holding of races. we also rent equipment kites, boards, harnesses by cabrinha, north, ion.

It is located in one of the best places of greece in nea kios where the waters are shallow and the winds are stable thermic throughout the whole summer come and rent the perfect equipment for your first steps 1-2 for the beginners and level3+ for the advanced ones.The location is easily accessible and almost one and a half hours away from Athens.

δραστηριοτητες ναυπλιο - Ilion Traditional Hotel Nafplio
δραστηριοτητες ναυπλιο - Ilion Traditional Hotel Nafplio

Photo Tour

In Phototour we are a group of photographers who, through different paths, reached a common point which is no other than our love for photography and shooting. Our main desire is to revisit through our photo lenses historic places of unique beauty, and other locations that most people ignore.
We touch peaks, walking through rough and remote paths and lead us to monasteries, built many centuries ago. We meet rivers and beaches, away from the noisy cities. We visit pitoresque villages, untouched from time and evolution, and we come close to their people and their life style, shooting unique moments of their everyday life.​

Jeep Trails

At your service, our experienced local partners in super jeep tours in Argolis and it’s surrounding prefectures Arcadia & Korinthia with their unique landscapes!We run a mixed fleet of modified Land Rover Discovery V8 4000c, Hyundai Santa Fe 2000c diesel & Suzuki Grand Vitara 2000c, which will get you off the beaten track by crossing rivers and driving on mountain roads!

You should experience the following routes :
1)Nafplio – Karakala & ‘Egg’ Monasteries- Ancient Epidauros – Nafplio
2)Nafplio – Ancient Nemea -Plain of Skotini -Stimfalia lake – Doxa’s lake

δραστηριοτητες ναυπλιο - Ilion Traditional Hotel Nafplio
δραστηριοτητες ναυπλιο - Ilion Traditional Hotel Nafplio

Horse Riding

Horses and riding are identical with true friendship, speed and beauty, but above all with freedom.The use of the horse as a mean of transport, as an assistant in agricultural work or the war is lost in the mists of time. The horse, with its exceptional sense and incredible wit, has always been a faithful companion of man and this relationship remains strong throughout the years.Riding as a sport is known from ancient times, while the use of the horse to sports events first appeared in ancient Greece with the chariot races back in 680 BC, while from 648 BC chariot races were two of the ten events of the Olympic Games.